What are Teams?

Kapwing for Teamsallows organizations to purchase multiples licenses for their team members in one centralized area. By creating a Team, you can add multiple members via email address, purchase exactly how many licenses you need on one credit card, and provision licenses as needed.

Purchasing Kapwing for a team member? Need to assign licenses due to rotating employees? Now with Teams, you can easily manage your entire team with just a few clicks and never worry about sharing sensitive information or payment details.

Teams is also the perfect solution for educators. Using Teams, your school's dedicated buyer can purchase and provision a license for you, without manual invoicing or accessing your personal account.

Why should I use a Team?

Are you purchasing Kapwing Pro on behalf of someone else? Kapwing for Teams is probably for you!

Teams is designed so that you can purchase a Kapwing Pro license and apply it to someone else. This is great for:

  • A business with multiple employees who use Kapwing, charged to a company card
  • Educators who need a dedicated buyer to purchase an annual subscription on their behalf
  • Ensuring licenses can stay with a company - not leave with an employee
  • 保护私人信息of Team members, like access to their account or credit card details

Anyone on a Team can purchase a license for anyone else, so that their payment details are always secure, while providing the flexibility of expanding your Team at any time.

If a Team member leaves before the end of a license, that license can be applied to another Team member. Whether they're moving on to a new opportunity, going on maternity leave, or something else - your Team's licenses will never go to waste.

How do I create a Team?

In yourmain Workspace view, on the bottom left hand side of your account bar, there is a Team area. This is where you can view your existing Teams or create a new Team by clicking "+ Add new team".

Add new team button is located under your account settings on the left hand side of your Workspace view

A modal will open that allows you to name your Team. Don't worry, this isn't permanent - you can always update this name later.

Create a team modal appears

Once you've confirmed the Team name, you'll be taken to your Team page, where you can manage users, licenses and settings.

The Team view allows you to Manage the team by adding users, purchasing licenses and updating Team settings.

How do I add Team members?

To add new users to your Team, click "+ Add users" on the Team page. This will open a modal where you can add multiple new users to your team at once. For each user, type in their email address and click "Add". Once you've added all the email addresses for your Team, finalize by clicking "Add users".

Added users will automatically join your Team and see the Team in their own Workspace view when they login to Kapwing.

The Add Users modal allows you to input the email address of each team member, then click

Currently, all members of a Team have the ability to add new users, remove other users, provision licenses and delete the team.

How do I purchase and provision Team licenses?

Now that your Team has all joined, you can purchase licenses and provision them. Click the "Buy Licenses" button to customize your plan.

The add licenses modal allows you to purchase between 1-20 licenses and choose between monthly or annual billing.

In the Add Licenses modal, you can select between 1-20 licenses to purchase using the dropdown menu. You'll also be presented with an option to choose between monthly and annual billing, and then can checkout securely with Stripe payment.

Note: Teams can only have a Monthly or Annual subscription. You will be presented with an option to select from either a Monthly or Annual subscription only on the first purchase. Whichever option is chosen will apply to all future licenses automatically.

一旦许可证已经购买,they will be visible on the Team management page which will always show how many are available to be provisioned and how many there are in total.

The Team page shows the currently available licenses, how many total team licenses and a purple button that says

To provision a license (apply it to a Team member), click the "Provision licenses" button. This will open a modal that allows you to click to select Team members to upgrade to Pro with the license. You can select multiple Team members at once, up to the number of available licenses left.

To provision a license to a Team member, click their email and then click the Confirm button to apply.

Once you've chosen every Team member to upgrade, click "Confirm" to apply the license to their account.

When the modal closes, a confirmation toast will appear at the top to let you know that the licenses were successfully provisioned. You'll be able to view the list of Team members and see who has a license, indicated with a green "Licensed" tag next to their name.

A green confirmation toast message will appear to show licenses were successfully provisioned. You can also view a green

If a user is removed, their license will automatically be un-provisioned and returned to the Team as an available license. This is great for if you have rotating Team members or someone who is leaving. Their license is not lost - it can be applied to another Team member once they've left.

How do I purchase additional licenses?

You can purchase additional licenses at any time by clicking the "+ Buy license" button from the Team page or from ourPricing Page.

If you purchase an additional license before the end of your current Team billing cycle, it will be at a prorated price. This means that you will only pay for the remainder of the billing cycle on the new license(s).

For example, if your Team uses the Monthly subscription plan and has a new Team member join during the last week of February, you can purchase a new license for them. You'll be charged $5 immediately (the prorated amount of one week on a $20 per month subscription), and then be charged the full $20 each consecutive month on your billing cycle.

This means it's easy to add new Team members to your team billing at any time, without paying extra to add them immediately.

How do I cancel Team licenses or Delete our Team?

You cancel your Team subscription or delete your Team under your Team Settings page, which is accessed by clicking the "Settings" tab in the Team view.

Under the Settings tab of the Team page view, you can access buttons to either Cancel Team licenses or Delete the Team

To cancel your Team subscription, you can click "Click here to cancel all licenses". This will cancelallof your Team's subscriptions at the end of the next billing cycle. Your Team will continue to have access to the Pro features and tools until the end of the paid for period.

If you would like to Delete your Team, you can do so by clicking "Click here to delete your team". Unlike cancelling, this will end all licenseseffectiveimmediately, so your Team will not be able to use the remainder of the paid period. Thiswill not refundany remaining portion of the licenses and cannot be undone, so proceed with caution.

If you need any support with your Team license, contact our Kapwing support team at[email protected]

Can I reduce how many licenses our Team has?

Yes, you can lower the number of licenses your Team has by cancelling your Team's licenses. Once those licenses expire, you can re-enroll with fewer licenses using the "Buy License" button on the Team page.

At this time, you cannot remove or reduce your overall Team licenses one-by-one.

How do I remove myself from a Team?

If you need to leave your Team, you can do so by clicking into the "Settings" tab of the Team page view and then selecting the "Leave team" button under Team Actions.

To leave the Team yourself, you can click the Leave Team button under Team Actions on the Team Settings page

If you are the last member of the Team, this will delete the Team and end all active licenses.

Can I receive a receipt for our Team billing?

Yes, you can access receipts for past charges at any time under the "Settings" tab of the Team page view, under the Billing History section. This area contains a list of all charges for your Team's licenses, including the date of the charge, the amount charged, and a link to the receipt which you can save or share as needed.

Do you need an invoice or to update the billing information on your Team account? Simply reach out to our support team at[email protected]


You can rename your Team at anytime in the "Settings" tab of the Team page view, under the Team Actions section. Simply click "Rename team" to open a modal where you can type in an updated name.

The Rename Team button is on the Settings tab of the Team page view under the Team Actions section

Looking for more help?

Check ourRelease Notesfor tutorials on how to use the latest Kapwing features!